Oldest: Loris Elthea White

Loris Elthea White

Surely as numerous Vermonters anticipate the arrival of May to take in their first deep sniff of the Lilac blossoms, Georgiana and John White were expecting something far grander than the aroma from purple lilacs. This beloved spring bloom is known to symbolize the first emotions of love.  Following suit, the newlyweds would exemplify their endearment for one another by bringing forth a new life.

The weather in Ludlow, Vermont proved to be a good day for, Loris to be born¹. The average temperature that warm 6th day of May in 1912, was 46° F. There was little precipitation noted in the history books for this town the butts up to the Okemo State Forest.

This ideal weather and the pending bloom may have been a little less climatic the year Loris was born, as all the Dashner, and White family were engaged in oohing and aahing over a baby girl that smelled delicious and could cause one to forget about the bush outside the window.


I interrupt this post for a brief personal moment… Grandchildren of Ilene White that have NEVER seen a photo of your great-grandmother, Georgiana Dashner White—get ready to shriek and wiggle with excitement, you are about to meet here in the below picture.

John White with wife Georgianna and daughter Loris
Photo courtesy of Loris niece, Patricia


Loris Elthea White was the big sister to Cecelia “Sibby,” Edna, the twins, Ilene and Irene, John and James. As misfortune would have it, this title would come with a burden. As has been written about in prior stories, Loris took her oldest child role seriously. At the age of ten, her mother Georgiana died, and young Loris tried to step in and be a mother’s helper to her younger siblings.

Loris’s niece, Patricia, said that Loris conveyed that she tried very hard to care for her brothers and sisters and aid the outside help that her father hired. However, this task was beyond the abilities of a determined ten-year-old, and the children were placed temporarily in an orphanage.

The 1928 Cathedral High School Year Book offers a window into Loris’s teenage years. She is a junior, has an interest in music, is a violinist in the orchestra (second violin section), and she also is a member of the Monogram Club.

See if you can spot, Loris in the photo below.

Loris E White Junior High Class
“U.S., School Yearbooks, 1880-2012”; Year: 1928


John White's daughters
Photo courtesy of Loris’s niece, Patricia

After high school graduation in 1929, Loris holds variest jobs; dental asst, prop fashionette and clerk, as recorded in the Burlington City Directory². These directories also reveal that her dwelling remains at the same location as her father.  So although some of Ilene (White) Audette’s grandchildren have heard the Ilene did not like her step-mother, Loris appears to have chosen to be a part of her father and new stepmom’s life, because John White remarried Beulah “Betty” Page in 1930.

The whereabouts of Loris from 1938 to 1964 are pending further investigation. Nine years of city directories in Hartford, Connecticut have been discovered for a Loris E. White; however, the proof is still needed that this is our Loris. There is a black and white photograph (see photo to the left with her sisters) from 1938 labeled on the backside, NH home Aug 24, 1938.

Loris transitioned to California, and although it is unclear if she met her partner before or after arriving in California, on September 28, 1971, she married Robert Killefer. Loris was 59, and Robert was 67. They married in Ventura County³.  By 1981 she is living in San Diego, and the Social Security Death Index shows her address in La Mesa which is in San Diego County. Loris dies⁴ on August 5, 1989, at the age of 77. She was predeceased by Robert by ten years. He died August 7, 1979.

Before we part, one final photo of Loris. For the many nieces and nephews just meeting your great-aunt for the first time and seeing what she looks likes—Enjoy!

Loris White Killefer
Loris White Killefer Circa 1970s Photo Courtesy of Loris’s niece, Patricia.



¹ Vermont Birth Records, 1909-2008, Loris Elthea White, 6 May 1912; Ancestry.com, (database online, accessed 10 August 2018)

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 31 Oldest

Banana Splits and Coloring Crayons


Take a 64-count box of Crayola crayons, two adults, one teen, and you are about to have one colorful evening around the kitchen table.

June and Janice were sister-in-laws with an age distance between them of ten years. Janice and niece Valarie were eleven years apart. However on August 19, 1977, when Valarie brought out the assortment of coloring books with a big box of crayons…age gaps dissolved and the fun began.

Who could imagine that a .39¢ coloring book with the outlines of the characters from The Banana Splits; a television variety program produced by Hanna-Barbera would forty-one years later make its way into a blog post—seriously!

Below are two pages from that night of extreme playfulness, and for the blog author it brings a glimpse into the woman that her mother was because nineteen and a half months later she would be dead. If it weren’t for the miracle of this coloring book being saved from the garbage can, I dare say she’d have no recollection that her mother could be goofy and lighthearted. You can tell that June and her sister-in-law’s banter was kindled in sisterly-like love and that they were happy to have a juvenile be a part of there “girl” time.


The coloring artist in no particular order– Janice (Hawley) Audette (age 24), June (Audette) Gravelle (age 34), and Valarie Gravelle (age 13).

The coloring artist:

Janice Hawley was married to June’s brother Michael Audette, and even after they were no longer married, through the likes of social media, she is able to keep in touch with her niece.

June Carol Ann (Audette) Gravelle died on April 2, 1979, in Burlington, Vermont at the age of thirty-five. In a future post, the blog writer promises will intend to tell the story of how June died.

Valarie Gravelle grew up to become the family historian and therefore the creator of this blog.

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 30 Colorful

Born on Independence Day: Charles Kachar Nalbandian




Little boy Hachadur Nalbandian aka Charles Kachar Nalbandian

Six-year-old, Hachadur’s youthful fingers clasped his mother’s hand tightly, as his big sister, Satanik clutched his other palm while they walked. The final three members of the Nalbandian family were about to exit Van, Armenia and board the SS Hellig Olav.

Charles Kachar Nalbandian is the father to Judy (Nalbandian) Wilson, the blog author’s mother-in-law. Charles and his family were victims of the Armenian Genocide. They escaped the atrocities of the estimated one and a half million Armenians that died, and they emigrated to the United States.

It was Friday, November 3, 1916—the ship anchored at the port in Kristiania¹. The details about Marene’s journey from her war-torn homeland with two young children is unknown. However, modern-day routes map it out at about 54 hours by car, so we are left to assume that it took longer than this for them to reach Kristiania.

The steamship was their home for the next eleven days, as it glided through the North Atlantic Seaways, arriving in New York on the 14th of November… The Lady with her infamous torch assuring them of their arrival in the United States.

Although their names are listed on the STEERAGE PASSENGER ONLY ship manifest, researching the Hellig Olav reveals that the ship did not have steerage, “There was no steerage on the ships, as they operated with a third class.” and based on the manifest for steerage passengers they traveled with at least 416 other travels on this level².

The slideshow below shows the SS Hellig Olav at the pier in Kristiania, 3rd class passengers on deck, 3rd class dining saloon and the 3rd class Stateroom.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Upon arrival, three letters, L P C “Likely Public Charge,” caused the family to be retained for four days. Eventually, they are stamped admitted!


Nalbandian ship manifest admitted snippet
Lines 16, 17 and 18 ADMITTED

As is often the case, their Armenian names written on the manifest were sounded out to come up with an equivalent using the Latin alphabet. Therefore the phonetically spelled name on the Manifest of Alien Passengers can differ from the way these ancestors spelled their Armenian names upon arrival.

Also noted on the above manifest is the place of origin, Dan, Armenia should be Van, Armenia.

Names on Manifest________________Name Known by__________________AKA

Mother: Nolpantian, Marina_________Marene/Marena Nalbandian_____Mary
Daughter: Nolpantian, Saterik _______Satanik Nalbandian______________Stella
Son: Nolpantian, Hachadur__________Kachar Nalbandian______________Charles


1909 • Birth of Hachadur Nalbandian, July 4, 1909, Van, Armenia.

1912 • Charles eldest brother Markar (Mike) arrives in the U.S. in 1912. He is twenty years older than Charles. The ship manifest list Mike’s father correctly, and on the 1920 U.S. Census he is living with his sister, Stella listed as brother-in-law to head of household. Mary and Charles are also living with Stella. It appears Mary had Charles later in life at about the age of 39.

1916 •  Charles, his mother, and sister arrive in the United States to join his brother Markar.

1920 • U.S. Federal Census, show the family (Mary, Mike, Charles) living with daughter, Stella, her husband John and son Andrew, in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan; enumeration district 0031.

It is believed, that Hachadur’s father Marturos died in Armenia sometime after June 27, 1913, but before November 3, 1916. There is no record of him emigrating to the U.S. This speculation comes from the fact that son, Dajad list his father as the nearest living relative on line 1 of his ship manifest, and his wife, Mary list herself as widowed on the 1920 Census.

1922 • Older brother Dajad Nalbandian arrives in the U.S. on March 16, 1922, to stay. He has visited the U.S. twice before. Once on Jul 12, 1913, port of arrival, Providence, Rhode Island. The second time possibly during 1918 as the 1922 manifest records the column “Whether ever in the United States and if so when and where.” The box is typed yes, Grand Rapids 1913/8.

1927 • Charles is found in the Grand Rapids, Michigan U.S. City Directory having the occupation; helper. The Barker Bakery.

1930 • Charles occupation, laborer at a furniture factory; as listed in the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan; enumeration district 0022.

1934 • Hachadur married Dorothy Thum Cronin on May 5, 1934. He is 24 years old, although the certificate states 26. Wife Dorothy is eight years his senior. On the marriage certificate, his occupation is listed as Panel Man.

1936 • Birth of daughter, Judy Kay.

1940 • Birth of son, Terry Makar.

1940 • Hachadur legally changed his name to Charles Kachar Nalbandian on July 1, 1940. It is noted as far back as the 1920 Census, that he has been going by Charles.

Charles K Nalbandian

1940  • Charles Kachar Nalbandian receives The United States of America Certificate of Naturalization.

1940 – 1945 •  Charles works for the Grand Rapids, YMCA as the Recreation Room Manager.

1945 • Uncle Jerry (Jerry Flemming, a friend) says to Charles, “You are a natural salesman. Why don’t you come and work for me.” so Charles and Dorothy purchase a traveling trailer, pack up the children, and move to Florida. The family is found on the 1945 Florida State Census, they are living in Winter Park with the occupation of a salesman. Charles daughter Judy said that he was selling fire extinguishers and the like.

About 1946 • Charles relocates the family to Fords, New Jersey, where he continues to work in the fire suppression industry.

About 1951 – to retirement • Charles established his own fire suppression business, Safety First; Products of New Jersey and owns another adjunct entity, CKN Products.

1951 • Charles relocates the family to Nutley, New Jersey, his permanent home.

1952 •  Charles joins the Forest Hills Field Club and becomes a regular golfer.

1980s • Charles continues with his favorite pastime; walking on green turf and strategically hitting a small, dimpled white ball into 18 holes about the diameter of a bread plate. He is known by many from his connection with the Forest Hill Golfing Club. In fact, they deemed him a legend (see excerpt below) in an article written for their newsletter.

Charles Nalbandian on golf course
Charles Nalbandian on his favorite golf course. Nutley, NJ – Cir 1980s


1991 •  Charles meets his six-month-old great-grandson, Christian. Christian’s mother grabbed a camera and captured the moment of four generation preserved because of a country that celebrates it Independence annually on Charles birthday.


Charles Nalbandian with daughter grandson and great-grandson


1992  • Charles wife, Dorothy died on December 15, 1992.


“Every Club claims to have legend or two among their membership. Quite naturally and not unexpectedly, each of those Clubs maintains that their particular legend is unique……..and that’s fair too. 

We at Forest Hill won’t argue with other Clubs because know that no where, no way, no how is any Club going to come up with the likes of our resident golfing legend……..Charles Nalbandian

Charlie is one of those rare golfers who is a serious threat no matter what his handicap says. At teh tender age of 80 he was a threat to everyone at a 14. Last year, at the age of 83 and the nadicap of 17, he shot his age some 6 times

–excerp from View From the Hill, page 3. The date is not recorded on the page; however, based on the details in the article it is estimated to be April 1993.


1994 • After a battle with Colon Cancer, Charles died at the age of 84 on June 2, 1994.


For further reading on THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE check out these sites.

Armenian National Institute, http://www.armenian-genocide.org/

UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM; THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE (1915-16): IN DEPTH https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10008189


¹Current day, Oslo. The capital and largest city of Norway. Former name: Christiania (1624–1877) or Kristiania. The Free Dictionary (https://www.thefreedictionary.com : accessed 25 Jun 2018)

²According to Norway-Heritage this ship during 1916 could have accommodated between 837 to 1,400 third class depending on the year. (http://www.norwayheritage.com : accessed 25 Jun 2018)

Ellis Island and Other New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
MyHeritage.com [online database]. Lehi, UT, USA: MyHeritage (USA) Inc.

Record: https://www.myheritage.com/research/record-10512-63314605/hocbodosr-nolpantian-in-ellis-island-other-new-york-passenger-lists
Hocbodosr Nolpantian; Country: United States; State: New York; Citation: Hocbodosr Nolpantian; Birth: Circa 1910;Nationality: Armenia;Last permanent residence: Dav, Armenia;Arrival: Nov 14, 1916 – New York, New York, United States


52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 27 Independence


Last Pitch: Albert Harold “Pinky” Wilson

You have to understand how this man walked into my life. My boyfriend’s rental car pulled up to the curb, not only was I tired from the long cross-country flight but now my heart was racing, and my palms were moist. And then, there he was standing by the side of our car, arms out ready to embrace me with a hug—welcoming me to his home.

I didn’t know it that day, but this man that instantly eased my “meet the parents’ anxiety” would become my father-in-law. I have loved him for thirty years, and this past week, I was privileged to be able to care for him, along with my mother-in-law, husband, and brother-in-law, during his last days, and last breath.

He threw me my final pitch when he told me, “I love you a lot!” But rather than smack the ball, I grabbed it, because it was filled with his love and I’m taking it with me out of the ballpark as my memento. . .

I love you lots too, FIL!!!

My father-in-law died on Monday, July 9, 2018. My heart is crushed…he was the most gentle and accepting man a daughter-in-law could ask for.

Enjoy the brief video I created to celebrate Pinky’s life.


Below is the obituary that I wrote for my father-in-law.


Wherever baseball fans met this morning they were still talking about last night’s pip of a game in which Pinky Wilson hurled masterful four-hit shutout ball for 14 innings… –Excerpt from The Bee: Danville, VA Thursday, August 2, 1956.

Pinky Wilson in Army Baseball Uniform
“Pinky” Wilson – Spaders, 26th Inf. Army Baseball

Albert Harold “Pinky” Wilson, age 86 died at home on July 9, 2018, surrounded by his loving family. He was born July 6, 1932, in Timpson, Texas to Dennis and Ocie Wilson.

Pinky was an excellent athlete, playing basketball and baseball. The latter taking him to minor league training, beginning his baseball career by signing a contract with the New York Giants. However, he entered the Army to serve his country in the Korean War. It quickly became known to his superiors that he was quite a ballplayer, so during his service, he played for the Spaders, an Army baseball team.

After the Army, Pinky played for several minor league teams. He made the newspaper headlines numerous times while playing for The Danville Leafs. It was during this time that he met the love of his life, Judy Nalbandian. They traveled for a few years during Pink’s baseball career. After Pinky’s shoulder incurred too much damage from all the years of pitching he and his wife settled in Nutley, New Jersey in 1958 where they started their family and Al joined his Father-in-law’s business selling restaurant fire suppression systems. Al and Judy were married for over 61 years, making Nutley an anchor for their family.

Over the years, Al enjoyed: volunteering at the local Reinheimer-Perry Boys Club and was on their Board of Directors, talking politics, watching baseball, chatting with the locals, visiting his friend, Raja to purchase his daily lottery tickets at Raja’s store, and gardening. He was a true patriot of his country that always believed in saluting the American Flag. Yet nothing brought him greater joy than being with his family and sharing in their lives—his only weakness may have been that he bragged a little too much about the family that he loved so much!

Albert is predeceased by both parents father, Dennis (1990) and mother, Ocie (1992), three brothers, Robert (1963), Dennis “Danny” (1979), Billy (2016). He leaves behind his wife Judy (Nalbandian). Two son’s, Scott (wife, Valarie) Wilson of Monkton, VT, and Todd Wilson of Nutley. One grandson, Staff Sgt. Christian Wilson is actively serving in the US Air Force. Two sisters, Elizabeth and Francis both of Texas. Many nieces and nephews, and two special neighbors, the Brylinsky Family and the Peters Family. Two furry grandkids, Hank Otis and Addie.

The family wishes to offer their sincere appreciation and thankfulness to the VNA and Barnabas Hospice Team for aiding them through this challenging time, and genuine gratitude is extended to all of their friends and family who have provided support with their prayers and assistance where needed. We love you!

Edouard/Edward/Eddie/Ed Dumas

The art of doing genealogy is not losing your mind when you come across families that used the same name over and over again. In a matter of seconds, a portion of the family tree can become so crisscrossed from attaching one wrong source to the wrong person.

For those of us belonging to the Dumas line, we have one such “Same Name” family that causes me to use a Mind Map to keep them straight, and help me to place their descendants under the correct Edouard, Edward, Ed or Uncle Eddie!

Edouard “Edward” Dumas Sr
3rd great-grandfather
Edouard “Edward” Dumas Jr
3rd great-uncle
Edward Dumas lll
1st cousin 3x removed

Edouard “Edward” Dumas Jr has a brother Joseph Dumas, my 2nd great-grandfather. Now I know what you are thinking, this Dumas family doesn’t have enough Edward’s. Well, you know what? Joseph and Catherine didn’t think so either, so they named their third son, Edward Vital Dumas, my 2nd great-uncle (a.k.a Uncle Eddie).

three Edward Dumas names in City Directory
From the Burlington, Vermont, City Directory, 1895. No middle initial on any of them, but at least one is a junior!

Edouard “Edward” Dumas Jr daughter, Helena didn’t think so either, so she married an Edward too, Edward Cannon.

This is a short post this week—I’m too embarrassed to share my genealogical findings on this section of the family. I feel like I need to run a fine-tooth comb through these branches a few more times to make sure I have everyone placed where they should be. But just so I don’t leave you entirely hanging . . . Below is a photo of Edward.

Haha, of course, I’m going to tell you which one–

It’s Uncle Eddie with his two brothers Joseph “Joe” Xavier, and Jerome “Louis” (affectionately call Mononcle right up to the age of 101).

Dumas brothers from Burlington Vermont
Photo courtesy of Carolyn Harlow

Yes, genealogy is a matter of attention! If you find any mistakes in what I share, please do let me know. A few of you have, and I am grateful.


Snippet from Burlington, Vermont, City Directory, 1895, Ancestry.com. U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995 [database on-line accessed 24 Jun 2018].


52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 25 Same Name


Dads and Cars

Fathers may not have the sentimental hankering that moms have when it comes to doting over them on Father’s Day—perhaps we need to speak their “love language.”


Meet some of the dads in my family tree along with the vehicles they encountered, doted over, bragged on and talked about affectionately.

Enjoy the ride!

192x-xx-xx Earl Sears


BIRTH: 11 AUG 1892 • Hinesburg, Chittenden, Vermont
DEATH: 4 JUN 1927 • Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont
RELATIONSHIP TO ME: Great-grandfather
FATHER TO: Five; two stillbirths, Madine Eleanor, Phyllis Johns, Frederick Earl
CAR: 1921 Ford Model T Touring.
TIDBIT: I am strictly presuming here, but this looks to be in front of Beaudry’s store in Huntington. I wonder if this is someone else’s car and Earl had his picture taken in it?

Nalbandian Family History


BIRTH: 4 JUL 1909 • Van, Armenia
DEATH: JUN 1994 • Nutley, Essex, New Jersey
RELATIONSHIP TO ME: Maternal grandfather of my husband
FATHER TO: Two; Judy and Terry
CAR: Ford Model A Roadster, black with drop-top color. I’ve picked this model because I do not see a door handle on the door indicating a 1928 model.
TIDBIT: This is my husband’s grandfather. He came to America when he was six, escaping the Armenian Genocide that ravished his homeland with the extermination of 1.5 million Armenians. I will always be thankful for God’s providential hand in sparing Grandpa Charles, who then became the father to my mother-in-law, Judy.

19xx-xx-xx brothers L-albert gravel visiting from canada, R- joseph gravelle infront of north bend house


BIRTH: 16 OCT 1887 • Quebec, Canada
DEATH: 25 NOV 1951 • Jericho, Chittenden, Vermont
RELATIONSHIP TO ME: Paternal, Great-grandfather
FATHER TO:  Six; Lawrence Joseph, Adelore Peter, Marie Dora, Hilda Beatrice, Belle Cecelia, Clayton Wildred
CAR: Dodge 1937; 4 door Sedan. This is a guess because several models made the suicide doors (door opens in the opposite direction than customary). The reason I selected Dodge is the bit of side-vent showing resembles the 37 Dodge.
TIDBIT: Albert is Joseph’s older brother that lived in Quebec. Zoom in on the car—see the little boy hanging out of the window? Do you have any idea who he is?

19-bf-54-jun fredrick sears at tire, roy gardner behind castleton corners where fred lived


BIRTH: 9 MAR 1924 • Huntington, Chittenden, Vermont
DEATH: 12 JUN 1954 • Rutland, Rutland, Vermont
RELATIONSHIP TO ME: Paternal, Great-uncle
FATHER TO: Four; Larry, Harold, Jeanette, Douglas
CAR: Dodge 1947. This is a BIG maybe. Clues: The fender isn’t fat. There is a sideboard. The side panels have a distinct pattern, that Dodge tended to use.
TIDBIT: This is more than likely a customer’s truck that Uncle Freddy is working on, and brother-in-law Roy happened to stop by for a visit.


BIRTH: 30 MAY 1917 • Huntington, Chittenden, Vermont
DEATH: 5 MAR 1986 • Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont
RELATIONSHIP TO ME: Paternal, Husband of my great-aunt
FATHER TO: Six; Garfield Earl, Leroy George, Sharon Irene, Myrtie “Jennie,” Jerry “Mike” Phillip, Edwin Frederick
TIDBIT: Uncle Roy Gardner married Freddy’s sister Eleanor.

1953-04-xx norma, herbert & allen kerwin


BIRTH: 7 MAY 1927 • Winooski, Chittenden County, Vermont
DEATH: 30 SEPTEMBER 2010 • Colchester, Chittenden County, Vermont
RELATIONSHIP TO ME: Paternal, Husband of 1st cousin 2x removed
FATHER TO: Three; Allen Francis, Linda, Kevin
CAR: Mercury 1940 or 41?
TIDBIT: Norm’s mother is Velma Sears, which makes her a first cousin to my grandmother Phyllis. Her husband Hebert “Herbie” has a younger twin brother, Harold. Allen is their firstborn son. The family lived just up the road from my grandparents Lawrence and Phyllis Gravelle. The photo is taken in front of Phyllis house on River Road in Mallets Bay.

1959abt-xx-xx garfield & mary lou gardner, phyllis gravelle at her house river rd malletts bay vt


BIRTH: 1 MAR 1940 • Washington, Orange, Vermont
DEATH: 20 JUL 2015 • Bennington, Bennington, Vermont
RELATIONSHIP TO ME: Paternal, 1st cousin 1x removed
FATHER TO: Two; David and Elaine
CAR: Chevy 1950-52
TIDBIT: That’s my grandmother, Phyllis on the right and although she is eighteen years older than Mary Lou, she was asked to be the Maid of Honor at Garfield and Mary Lou’s wedding. The photo is taken in front of Phyllis’s house on River Road in Mallets Bay.

1961-03-26 june audette & bernard gravelle easter sunday


Still living
FATHER TO: Two; Vicki and Valarie
CAR: 1953 Buick Super. This was dad’s favorite car, and this photo is after he crashed and rebuilt it.
TIDBITS: Bernard is dating. Yup, that’s him, and his girlfriend June Audette all dressed up for church on Easter Sunday. Oh, and see how June labeled this photo? DON’T DO IT! A hundred years from now when someone ends up with your photos, they’ll want to know who “Me” is!! Thankfully I got to this one and was able to label the backside.

1965 through the eyes of Peter Audette


BIRTH: 8 AUG 1944 • Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont
DEATH: 4 NOV 1980 • Hinesburg, Chittenden, Vermont
FATHER TO: Five; Amanda, Amos, Allison, Anissa, Andrea
CAR: 1965 Volkswagon Pearl White  (the other is Bug Ruby Red)
TIDBIT: The driveway these men are standing in would become “my” driveway from age three to fourteen. There was a lot of playing done on this dirt turf and climbing in the pine tree off to the right. Family, look closely at the man on the left; could this be Francis Maxfield? Zoom in, he is holding a child. Could it be Tammy? And is the man with his back to us really Peter, or have I miss identified him? Maybe Peter is taking the photo, and it’s Michael’s backside. Come on family blog readers. Let’s have some feedback!

Thanks for coming along on this ride. Are you a car buff? Send me corrections on any car that I identified incorrectly!

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 24 Father’s Day